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Egan Maritime Foundation

The Egan Maritime Foundation’s mission is to advance the appreciation, documentation, preservation and scholarly study of the art, history, literature, architecture and traditions of Nantucket. All of these traditions and art forms have been influenced by islanders’ maritime character and stories.

The foundation is located in the Coffin School, an historic Greek Revival building complete with a lecture/concert hall and exhibition galleries. An impressive collection of art hangs on the walls, featuring work by Rodney J.K. Charman, whose paintings capture the maritime spirit of Nantucket from the 17th through 19th century. Works by Elizabeth Rebecca Coffin, portraits of famous islanders of the past and pieces that capture the school’s history also grace the main hall.

The Egan Maritime Foundation perpetuates the legacy of Admiral Sir Isaac Coffin, who founded the school in 1827. Along with providing Nantucket boys with a solid education, his school strove to enhance their nautical skills and bought the first training ship, which took the students on lengthy voyages. The foundation continues to support nautical training for Nantucket’s youth and teams up with Nantucket Community Sailing and Susan and James Genthner to offer the Nantucket Whaleboat Adventure Rowing Club. During the summer at Jetties Beach, the club boards the Wanderer, a double-ended rowing and sailing boat, to relive the history of Nantucket whalers.

Along with a wide of array of lectures this summer, the Egan Maritime Foundation present “Gutsy Gals: From Hearth to Heavens, Maria Mitchell and Her Sisters.” The exhibit runs from May 25-Oct. 8, open daily from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. For more information, call 508-228-2505 or www.eganmaritime.org.

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